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Sourced Market
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Sourced Market

Chapelwood were instructed to build the furniture and fixings for Sourced Market's new store in Wigmore Street, London.

The work began in the Chapelwood workshops in Essex, where the team got together to order and hand-pick all the materials to make sure they were in line with the design brief. Building the furniture and fixings then began, everything supplied was handmade by the Chapelwood team. Once finished, everything was checked over, making sure it was up to the highest standards set by themselves.

The furniture and fixings were then delivered to Wigmore Street where Ecsec the main contractor done the fit out. The Chapelwood team worked tirelessly to make sure the fit-out was done in time for the opening.







Chapelwood have delivered first-class products and first-class service. The shop looks amazing.

Wooden bar surround for Sourced Market logo
Rolling units for Sourced Market logo
Market shelving full project photo logo
Market shelving - low fruit section logo
Counter for an independent market store logo
Market shelving for an independent supermarket. logo
Market shelving for an independent supermarket. Fridge units surround. logo